25 Random Things

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized


There was a meme that went around Facebook ages ago in which the poster listed 25 random things about himself/herself.  Since I’ve recently made a lot of new friends on Facebook, I thought I’d revisit it here.

  1. I’m the youngest of 6 kids (and have 18 nieces and nephews…and I’ve lost count of the great-nieces and great-nephews!).
  2. I once drove 2,000 miles (from East Texas to Los Angeles) for a concert.
  3. I love working at and visiting amusement parks, but I don’t ride rollercoasters…or much of anything else.
  4. I love being near or on the ocean.
  5. Someday, I want to co-own a piano bar with my evil twin.  Preferably somewhere near the ocean.  Maybe a piano bar and grill, attached to a nice little inn with a kickass bakery.
  6. I believe in God and spirituality, but am not a fan of religion.
  7. I believe in love, but am not a proponent of marriage (not an opponent of it, either).
  8. In the past 14 years, I’ve lived in 7 different cities in 3 states.
  9. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat service workers (like store clerks and, especially, restaurant servers).
  10. hate being tickled.
  11. If I were to go on a culinary tour of the places I’ve visited, my ‘must visits’ would include Perkins Restaurant (Memphis/Orlando), Steak N Shake (various), Umami Burger (LA), Origami Sushi (Round Rock, Texas), Earl of Sandwich (Orlando), and White Castle!  (I’d also get a Cuban sandwich and some key lime pie in Key West – something I didn’t do the last time).
  12. I love dressing up (formal wear, club wear, or costumes), but I also love t-shirts and cute sleep pants or PJs.
  13. I want to dye my hair Aqua.  Or maybe blood red.
  14. I have an unnatural affinity for Vegemite – especially in a grilled cheese sandwich or mac n cheese.
  15. I don’t have ‘favorites’ because what I like is always in flux.
  16. I love playing board games, especially trivia games, Risk, and Axis and Allies.
  17. I love watching flight demonstration teams (like the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds or the Black Diamonds) at airshows.
  18. One of the most awesome things I’ve ever done is climb Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica.
  19. I once lived in a hotel room.  For three weeks.  Without a job.  And had to share the full-size bed with my best friend.
  20. I don’t usually eat breakfast for breakfast.  In fact my favorite time to eat cereal is in the middle of the night.
  21. If I were to win a huge sum of money in the lottery, I’d take a world cruise.  A year on a ship visiting lots of new and exciting places sounds amazing.
  22. I tend to go barefoot as much as possible, but I love shoes and boots.  And ridiculously cute socks.
  23. I love all kinds of movies – animated movies, kids movies, chick flicks, screwball comedies, action-adventure, drama, war movies, and just about anything else.  As long as it’s believable (which is not the same as realistic) and well put together – a good story told well – that’s all that really matters.
  24. Scorpions freak me out.  The creepy crawly kind I mean, not the band.
  25. Gross inaccuracies in books, TV, or movies drive me absolutely batshit crazy.

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