Music Speaks

Posted: September 20, 2012 in My Books


Late last year, I met a guy on Facebook. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. It wasn’t the beginning of some strange internet romance. It really was just a case of me clicking on a tagged picture, finding someone who posted interesting status updates on a regular basis on the other end of that tag, and deciding to friend him so I’d have something entertaining to read on my Facebook wall.

Well, this guy posted a lot of very positive and thought-provoking status updates. He got me started thinking, and feeling, things that I hadn’t in a while. One of the things I started thinking was that I wanted to use my major talent – writing—for something other than entertainment. I just wasn’t sure how.

Then one night my brother was talking about a project that the creative writing group at his college was putting together – a short book of flash fiction to raise money for charity. It was then that I decided to put together a collection of short stories for a different charitable organization. I knew that my co-conspirators might have pet charities they’d like to see benefit from a project like that, but from the beginning I knew that only one organization would do – MusiCares.

So what is MusiCares? The MusiCares Foundation is a non-profit that helps music industry folks in times of need. They helped a lot of people after the massive Nashville flooding back in 2010. They provide medicine and food for those in need, or help pay medical bills or rent. They also help those who want to get clean and sober.

But why MusiCares? Because they once helped the very guy I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post. A guy who’d helped me pull myself out of depression and despair. A guy who helped me find my strength, my faith, and myself again. I didn’t have any way to pay him back, so I decided to pay it forward instead. I also liked the idea of helping others who might have a similar impact on other people’s lives. And so Music Speaks was born.

Music Speaks is a collection of eleven short stories, in a variety of genres, from nine independent authors. It pays tribute to music and its special kind of magic – magic that can help us sleep, or make us dance, give wings to our dreams, or commiserate with our sorrow, spark a long-buried memory, bring people together, change a mind, or even save a life.

100% of the royalties from sales of Music Speaks will go directly to MusiCares to help keep that magic alive.

If you’re interested in reading some one-line teasers from each of the story, they are available in the previous post on this blog.

Music Speaks is available in various ebook formats ($2.99 US) through the following online retailers:


Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Barnes and Noble


It is currently available in print ($6.99 US) through CreateSpace and will soon be available through Amazon, Amazon UK, and Amazon EU, as well.

For more information on MusiCares, visit


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