One-liners from Music Speaks

Posted: September 20, 2012 in My Books


Read a line  or two from the opening paragraphs of each of the short stories in my newest project, Music Speaks. 🙂

Gone too Soon by Christopher T. Grace

“I was sitting in an overpriced restaurant in Hollywood when I read the news about Bryan Justice.“

The Heart Never Forgets by Ann Cathey

“The job as a trade-show coordinator has me traveling all over the country from convention centers and rodeo arenas to private offices and back.”

Solo by David Antrobus

“So, I could never sing, couldn’t even shout really, which is why it’s such a damn fine spectacular thing I’m a guitar player, thank the almighty music gods in their boundless mercy.”

Heavy Metal Lovesong by Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

“In the early years he was Fat Boy with Guitar. No one talked to him much, girls not at all.”

Save Me by Erin McGowan

“As I crossed the overpass for 161, I thought about crossing the turn lane, timing it just right, and jumping off the bridge.“

Playlist by James Clark

“He wanted to remember who had been in the car with him, but it was in the shadows along with just about everything else about the latest party.  Or the one before.  Or the one before that….   “

Music Heals All Hearts by Laurie Sorensen

“Martin strolled the hallways of St. Vincent’s Hospital, strumming on the guitar in his arms, something he always did to soothe the people in pain.”

Punk Rock 101 by JD Mader

“First show you ever played. Venue the size of a shoebox. Smell like 100 pairs of wrecked Chuck Taylors. Cigarettes. Some other smells you don’t recognize. Yet.”

Double-edged Sword (Jukebox Heroes Vignette -Seth) by LB Clark

“On nights like tonight, when I’ve had one Scotch too many, I stop and wonder where I’d be without music.”

Heaven Sent (Jukebox Heroes Vignette – Chris) by LB Clark

“I turned away from my dinner long enough to give her a once-over.  She looked like a thousand other women who’d walked through Haven’s front doors: medium height, medium build, medium brown hair, hoodie and Converse and jeans.  Average, and kind of boring.“

End of the Line (Jukebox Heroes Vignette -Adrian) by LB Clark

“In my head, I could hear the moving hands tick-tick-ticking like a metronome.  It wasn’t the wall clock I was hearing, but the imagined sound of my wife’s biological clock.”

100% of royalties go directly to the MusiCares Foundation, an organization that helps music industry professionals in times of need.

The ebook can be found at Amazon,, and Smashwords.


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