Break the Blog

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Every Friday, my buddy JD Mader invites the world to come play on his blog. In fact, he invites us to #breaktheblog. And every Friday a bunch of folks head over to JD’s blog to participate in a timed-writing sprint (now known as #2minutesgo). Some fine writing comes out of the two minute sprints. You should definitely check it out (and check out his blog in general; there’s good stuff there.

For the past couple of weeks, my posts there have featured a character from a project I’ve just started but am hellaexcited about. Those posts are below. Enjoy. 🙂


He’d have run if he’d been able to. Run and never stopped. He’d have screamed if he’d had the breath. But all he could do was struggle to keep breathing…and bleed on his mother’s carpet.

He’d fought. He hadn’t known what she’d intended, but he knew she was crazed. The crazy shone through her tears, and he’d known a fear unlike any he’d ever experienced before.

He’d been right to be afraid.


He lay the bike nearly on its side as he turned into the parking lot, flinging himself off before letting the riceburner hit the asphalt and skid. He rolled and came up on his feet, a little disoriented, but he only hesitated for a moment before he took off running, aiming for the shadows. He didn’t want to be out in the open when they caught up with him. When, not if.


Finn gained the shadows of the building and turned to watch for his pursuers. He had no idea what he’d do when they caught up to him. He wasn’t even sure what they were. What he did know was that they could throw magic around like kids hurling Nerf balls…and he couldn’t. He didn’t have any special powers. He didn’t have any weapons. All he had was his brain.

He was in deep shit.


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